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D-Force 60mg

Delayed ejaculation

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Effects and properties - D-Force 60mg

What is D-Force 60mg and what is it used for?

The effective medication of D-Force 60mg is the hottest novelty in the pharmaceutical market of medication for the treatment of premature ejaculation. It contains the active ingredient of Dapoxetine 60mg (the amount contained in one tablet), which is the right step on what to do against premature ejaculation. Patients most often experience ejaculation, which occurs within one minute of entering a woman. This product, however, can help in even more serious cases, when it occurs after a few seconds or before penetration. You can order this product at our secure and highly discreet online store, so you no longer have to visit doctors to obtain a prescription or waste time traveling to a pharmacy since we deliver the goods personally. Ordering is possible only for people aged 18 or over. Store in rooms with a temperature of from ten to thirty-five degrees Celsius, in the original packaging and out of the reach of children and animals.


Contents of the package

Drug D-Force
Dosage 60mg
Ingredients Dapoxetine
Dosage form Tabletten
Generic Priligy
Size of the package 10 x 60mg
Manufacturer Shree Venkatesh


Application of D-Force

D-Force 60mg is a popular remedy for men trying to prevent premature ejaculation. This is one of the most common potency disorders that occurs at different ages. It may be due to a lack of sexual experience or clinical factors. Both reasons for this unpleasant problem are now very fast and easy to solve thanks to the active substance of Dapoxetine. The medication is taken in the form of tablets just before the planned sexual activity. The instructions for proper use and dosage should be followed for treatment to be successful. Various contraindications are connected to the treatment with this active ingredient. The purchase of the product is legal and harmless to health, as verification by the US Food and Drug Administration. 


How Dapoxetine works

Dapoxetine is a substance that helps prevent an early end to sexual intercourse due to premature ejaculation. The medication in which this component is found belong among serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). It helps the male to have better control over ejaculation, thus extending sexual intercourse up to a few minutes. Clinical trials have found that this will help in nearly 100 percent of cases, and sexual intercourse is extended by eight times the length. In the case of D-Force, this is substance is found in 60 mg per tablet. 


What are the effects of D-Force 60mg?

The most common question when purchasing a preparation for potency or premature ejaculation is: How long does it work? The most important thing is to find out what is causing your problem. Your doctor will help you get the most out of the medication. You can then take the right path to solve this problem. Currently it is the most popular treatment with different medications or generics that contain an active substance. The best and most effective is Dapoxetine, which is also found in D-Force 60mg. The effective period of this substance can reach up to twelve hours. This is important for the proper dosage, good health and psychological condition of the patient. This component can remain in the body even longer (even up to thirty-six hours), but its effect will be only by about a quarter. The effects of the drug do not matter whether you have taken it before or after eating. However, problems can occur if you combine them with fatty foods.



Are you asking yourself when and how to take Dapoxetine? Your doctor will answer your questions in the most professional manner. However, visiting the doctor is no longer necessary since D-Force is no longer according to prescription. We will then be able to get this information from the leaflet, where you will find all the instructions for proper use. Prevent multiple contraindications, including alcohol. Not only are the effects delayed or reduced when combined with the medication, but the appearance of undesirable side effects may also occur. Similar problems also occur with certain citruses, such as grapefruit. Other problems (excluding foods with a high fat content) do not affect the quality and result of the treatment. 



In order to sufficiently prevent premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse, and so as to satisfactorily satisfy your partner, you should be aware of the correct dosage of the medication. D-Force is produced in the form of tablets that are very easy to use. Thanks to their revolutionary shape and packaging, it is enough to wash down the medication with a glass of water, which makes treatment possible even for patients who have difficulty swallowing large pills. Many men think that if they take more tablets at a time, they will prolong sex by more minutes. But that is not true. In this case, the recommended daily dosage for an individual patient is precisely determined. Your doctor will best advise you even in this case. If you have already been treated with Dapoxetine, you can start with one tablet a day. In the case of those with less experience or older age, it is advisable to first take a half dosage.


For whom are the potency preparations intended?

Since the nineties, men have been able to prevent premature ejaculation with the aid of preparations containing the active substance Dapoxetine. In recent years, this treatment has become even more accessible, since different generics of original products could also enter the pharmaceutical market. This means that they contain this component in the same composition and quantity. This is also the case of D-Force. This makes it a good product for men who seem to be ejaculating too prematurely. The medication is suitable for age categories from eighteen to seventy-five years of age (if you are at this age, inform yourself about the treatment options or possible complications and the correct dosage with your doctor). Are your problems the result of psychological or physical factors? Are you lacking sexual experience or lack control over your penis? This popular product will solve all these issues. 


For whom are the potency preparations not intended?

Even though D-force is designed for almost every man, be sure to be aware of certain cases of contraindications. Patients suffering hepatic, diabetic diseases, blood pressure diseases or in various phases of psychosis should avoid the treatment.  Before using, ascertain that you have not previously experienced allergic reactions to the substances found in the medication. If this is your first experience, talk to your doctor. Never combine D-Force with medication that already contains Dapoxetine. When combined with high-fat alcohol or high-fat foods, you may experience side effects, or treatment may not go as positively as you expected. In case of a patient at an advanced age (over 75 years), it is advisable to consult on possible complications and a recommended daily dosage with an expert.


Side effects:

Pharmaceutical preparations that can be purchased online without a prescription do not have the best reputation, especially due to the insufficient awareness of the possible health complications that may occur during treatment. Long-term testing in top laboratories has shown that with D-Force 60 the side effects only moderate or medium. In many cases, they do not appear at all and can be avoided in particular by the proper use of the medication (not exceeding the maximum daily dosage, avoiding a combination with grapefruit or alcohol). The most frequent symptoms are facial flushing, headaches and muscle aches, digestive disorders, dizziness, rhinitis, worse vision and hearing or the appearance of skin rashes due to allergic reactions. If you can not get rid of them immediately after treatment, visit your doctor. A doctor’s help is necessary in the case of an erection that lasts longer than four hours or if pain in the penis occurs.

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